1. Rooftop Grid Connected Solar PV : The Solar PV plant is connected to grid and operates when grid is present. Th plant produces electricity which is consumed and/or exported to the grid. A bi-directional meter measures the amount of electricity imported and exported from/to the grid. This kind of plant will stop producing electric current when grid is not available.
  2. Rooftop Standalone Solar PV : The standalone PV plants are off-grid type which stores electrical energy in a battery. During daylight the PV plant produces power to be connected to the domestic/commercial load and the battery is charged during this period. During absence of sunlight the charged battery fulfils the electrical load requirement.
  3. Rooftop Hybrid (combination of On-Grid & Off-grid) Solar PV : Hybrid solar plant is a combination of ongrid as well as off-grid system. The plant produces electricity to meet the consumer load during daylight as well as exports electricity to the grid in addition to charging the battery. During absence of daylight the plant has the inverter with storage features which supplies the consumer load.
  4. Solar Water heating System: Solar water heating systems for residential as well as commercial buildings eliminates electricity spent on heating water for various hot water needs. Moreover, the installation is the most efficient way to cut down electricity bill per month and get incentive from the Government for renewable energy usage.
  1. Preliminary Engineering & Sizing of the Solar PV plant
  2. Shadow Analysis & Site Survey
  3. Preparation of Technical Feasibility & Detailed Project Report for the client
  4. Detailed Engineering of the System & Equipment Specifications
  5. Developing the Solar PV System Parameters & Guaranteed yield calculations
  6. Installation & Commissioning the Solar PV plant
  7. Sizing & Installation of Solar Water Heating System (Solar Geyser/Heater)
  1. Owner’s Engineer (wherein we are the technical consultant to the client)
  2. EPC (Engineer, Procurement & Construction) partner for the client’s project (turn-key basis)
  3. Supply of Electrical & Mechanical Devices and Drives as per client’s project requirement.

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