What is Solar Energy: The sun beams its energy to the earth in the form of heat & light (visible, ultraviolet, infrared). This energy is either directly from the rays of the sun or diffused through the atmosphere & ambience.

Why Solar:
  • Sun shines on the surface of the Earth at any given point of time on some or the other region of Earth. So all places do receive this energy on diurnal rhythm and this energy is free of cost. This makes it free raw resource beyond the boundaries of the nation (no export/import of raw material needed for this energy, unlike coal or uranium or gas or oil)
  • The Sun will continue do the same for the next 2.5 billion years ahead, i.e. continuity of source is established.
  • The usage of this energy does not leave any harmful residue and does not bear any adverse impact on either the living being or its habitat. So clean and environmentally sustainable.
  • Modern technology has made possible the conversion of solar radiation in various spectral ranges (visible or non-visible) to productive forms of energy (like electrical or thermal energy). Hence technologically feasible.
How is this harnessed:
  • Solar energy has different wavelength ranges in its total spectrum. Each wavelength range is capable of generating energy in a particular form.
  • The Visible Wavelength of solar radiation spectrum on certain materials kicks-off electron from the valence atomic shell, thereby setting electric potential and resulting in Photo Electric Effect. This is the core of electricity generation in Solar PV Plants.”
  • The Infra Red Wavelength of solar radiation spectrum has the property to heat up any surface and is the core of utilising the heat associated with solar energy in heating systems (as in Solar Water geyser).
  • By synthesising a semiconductor material with certain degree of impurity (called doping), an electric potential source can be created out of this specific semiconductor material. Thats how the PV plants are based on.
Soleltherm Technik’s Unique Focus

Soleltherm Technik focuses on the system design of the PV plants for industrial (SMEs) & commercial buildings. We plan & optimally size the PV power plant with our expertise in PV System Design. We provide certain Plant Yield & Performance Guarantees based on our strong fundamental focus to optimise the Solar PV system & realise the investor's/plant owner's ROI as envisioned by by the investor/plant owner. The investor/plant owner thus knows clearly about the return on the investment in black & white on paper. This System Performance & Yield Guarantees differentiates us & makes us unique as client’s Engineering partner or as System Integrator or as Consultant. We eliminate any way of designing the system which might lead to gap between customer’s expectation & our promise. Hence, we say that we don’t just install or build a system; we engineer the system before proceeding for implementation of the hardware on customer’s premises.

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