Produce your electrical needs and sell excess to earn by using solar PV solutions.

Your building rooftop may be economically generating no revenue at current use. The same rooftop can be used to generate your electricity needs and also to earn by exporting excess electrical units

Day By Electricity

Rs. 11 - 18 per unit

Backup Inverter

Rs. 15 - 18 per unit

Diesel Generator

Rs. 6 - 10 per unit

Grid Power

And it is increasing at 5 - 8% every year

But now you can control the electricity bills and get huge savings because solar PV is already cheaper than you think

Different Models Available

Zero Investment, Monthly Payments

Initial Investment

Monthly Solar Bill

Offset paying any electricity bills. Generate your own clean energy with 25 year lifelong generation. You can also avail accelerated depreciation benefits.

One Time Investment

Initial Investment

Monthly Solar Bill

You may generate solar power on your rooftop at zero investment. You don't pay for the solar panels, instead you pay only for the solar power that you use.

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